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2017-09-13 09:30 pm

The consequences of stupidity

A few days ago Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN provided a glimpse into Trump's plans for his policy towards Iran. Sure, the details are yet to be forged out, but the international community got the idea.

And things ain't looking good at all...
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2017-09-08 11:45 pm

Ah, those Russians...

Who would've thought that posing with an axe, or lying in the bath-tub covered in noodles, or against the background of dead animals would help you hook up with a partner? Seems like these Russian girls have found the way! They must've realized that there's a buyer for every commodity. Just imagine these buyers!

A handful of specimens...
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2017-09-04 01:02 pm

Don't need no tourists

"It's like a battlefield here in summer" and "This isn't tourism, this is an invasion!" Those are just some of the reactions of angry people from Barcelona, Venice and Dubrovnik. The three cities have led a rebellion against mass tourism. For them, it means unending crowds, noise, garbage, and skyrocketing prices. With protest signs reading "Tourists go home", mass rallies, and even physical clashes, some of Europe's most popular tourist destinations started meeting the enthusiastic newcomers who are flocking from planes, buses and cruise ships. The politicians have promised that flourishing tourism would bring economic prosperity, granted, but all that is now of secondary importance to the harmonious life of the locals...

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2017-08-28 04:18 pm

Economic battleground: Europe

While the world was looking in dismay at Trump's umpteenth muscle-flexing statement that inflamed the tensions in various conflict areas like Korea, Afghanistan or Iran, the US were still busy, exporting shale gas to Europe. The purpose of the whole exercise is well-known of course: to break Russia's dominance at the European energy markets.

And we're not talking of a political act here, but a merciless trade war...
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2017-08-21 04:17 pm

Let me play dumb here a little bit...

All right, we got that everyone hastily equating the neo-Nazis to the "other side" of the "many sides" is a closet racist, fascist, Nazist, and other nasty sorts of -ist. Now that we've got that out of the way, could I please inquire about something?

Why the sudden surge of Confederate-related monuments planned for demolition? Why now? I mean, hundreds of memorials, memorial plates and signs, etc, have now been planned for removal. All of them related to the so called "Southern heritage" in some way. Even in places that were never on Confederate territory... The Civil War has been gone for a century and a half, and more. These memorials have been there for decades. Why this "spontaneous" attempt for a new reading of US history? Seems a bit strange to me, the timing I mean. Could it have something to do with Trump being president? Could it be an attempt to stick it to the Douche-in-Chief in some way? Could it have something to do with the orchestrated "Fake News" cannonade against him? (Would be sooo SAD if it were so!)

More dumb questions...
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2017-08-18 09:50 am

Double standards.

Ever considered these?
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2017-07-27 03:30 pm

Chipotle's bio downfall

Apparently Chipotle Mexican Grill, the popular fast-food chain, cannot stop their own downfall...

It all started when they decided to occupy the niche of fast, but healthy foods. So they started selling GMO-free products that were fresh, raw, without preservatives, hand-made, bio, organic, etc.

And here's the big irony...
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2017-07-19 10:54 am

Russia Minor!?

The term has gone out of use for quite a while. In recent decades it was being seen as a disparaging term used by Russian nationalists and pro-Russian Ukrainian "traitors" who believe Ukraine should be part of neo-imperial Russia.

And now it's being resurrected, and in quite a quasi-official way:

Separatists proclaim a new state to replace all of Ukraine

In comes one Alexander Zakharchenko...
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2017-07-18 12:03 am

How's that growth going?

It seems the Trump plan for US economic growth relies almost exclusively on corporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy. A "let's put all our growth eggs in one basket and hope for the best" sort of approach. During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to create 25 million new jobs and generate an economy that trots along at a 4-6% annual growth rate. Apparently, neither Trump promise is going to happen any time soon:

Forecast of weak economic growth raises big questions about Trump’s populist agenda

Or it could be something else...
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2017-07-05 04:27 pm

Not really that eco-friendly

The world has gone crazy about electric cars these days, it seems. At least the wealthier part of the world. They promise to provide a more technologically advanced future, and they're widely perceived to be much more eco-friendly than any other means of transportation.

Of course, electric cars do have some issues of their own, too...
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2017-06-25 10:38 am

A bunch of lies we can believe in

There was a recent media forum in Bonn, Germany, where the main topic was the way Russia has increased its influence in Europe through the media and the Internet. The Russian media working abroad have recently gained a lot of success in manipulating the public opinion, and not just in the former Soviet republics or the former Soviet satellites in East Europe, but also in the West. Fake news is now everywhere, and the difference from the yellow press sort of news that we all know and have learned to hate to love, it's now all being directed and focused with a purpose.

It`s not just about directly meddling into elections...
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2017-06-23 03:32 pm

What the actual fuck...

This story is weird on so many levels... Really, what does the right-wing hate more right now, gays or Muslims? And what does the left love more? Decisions, decisions...

Sweden far-right plans gay parade in mainly Muslim area
Anti-racist group plans counter-rally against "provocative" parade condemned by Stockholm Pride and LGBT activists.
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2017-06-14 12:18 am

Wow, Gulen must be more powerful even than Soros!

Turkish mayor suggests Gulen plotting earthquake to harm economy

"Melih Gokcek said investigations needed to be carried out on a "seismic vessel" which had been in the vicinity of the Aegean coastal town of Canakkale on Monday when a small earthquake struck, the latest in a series of tremors in recent days. "No matter what they say, I'm still worried about the possibility of an artificial earthquake," he wrote on Twitter, adding that the "Gulenist Terrorist Organisation" (FETO) had planned an earthquake before."

What a tool...
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2017-06-06 12:20 am

The Qatar row

Sounds like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE are implementing "extreme vetting" for Qatari nationals. ;)

Qatar row: Economic impact threatens food, flights and football

Iran must be very happy about this...
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2017-06-02 10:43 am

The pipe assposion

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