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Turkish president Erdogan orders teams to remove ‘arena’ from stadium names. “I am against ‘arena,’” Erdogan said. “Of course you know what they used to do in arenas in the past? They would let people be shred to pieces. We are going to remove the word ‘arena’ from stadiums.”
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Julian Assange is mean and egocentric, there's no doubt about it. Years ago, he betrayed the trust of his British supporters. And he was suspected to be behind the publication of Hillary Clinton's private emails, which sank her campaign - which in turn destroyed the last remnants of his aura of fighter for transparency. Some of his critics believe he's Putin's toy and a closet Trumpist. He keeps denying this, but you know we can't trust him.

However, the case against him has nothing to do with law...
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Colorado: Hunter claims he was sexually assaulted by a sasquatch

Darrel Whitaker, from Glenwood Springs in Colorado, claims a sasquatch attacked him and attempted to rape him while he was walking in the woods.

When I regained consciousness, he had already torn my pants and was tearing through my underwear. I stabbed him in the shoulder with my hunting knife, and that made him run away.

Those damned horny Sasquatches and their damned huge hairy balls!
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Does it need any comment really?

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One thing can't be denied tho'. She'd DROP DEAD gorgeous! ;-D
I bet she was DYING to go to the prom.
And then she was the LIFE of the party. Right?
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Speed cameras hidden in WHEELIE BINS coming to a street in Britain near YOU?

HIDDEN speed cameras in wheelie bins that don’t flash when drivers are caught could be heading to the UK.

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What makes anyone think that colonizing another planet would just make all our problems go away, as opposed to transferring them to other places and expanding them (the problems) beyond Earth?
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Today, over 55 million Turkish citizens are voting to decide if they want a presidential republic. The whole country is pretty excited about the whole thing. There's nationwide ban on public campaigning on the voting day, the media are not allowed to announce exit poll results or air political adverts, or discuss the vote with politicians or experts, so we won't know the final result until tomorrow morning.

Actually the voting itself is not secret. A special stamp is given to the voter, then they put it either on the Yes or No option. 3 million Turkish expats were the first to cast their ballot, most did it a week ago. The preliminary polls showed a very tight race, with the Yes camp having a slight edge.

But why was the whole exercise needed?
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For centuries, Britain and Spain have quarreled for a rock at the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula. After the Brexit, this row has sparked up with new force. We've even heard mentions of the word "war". So how real is this prospect?
War drums are beating...
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While I'm certainly somewhere around the bottom of the list of people you might be referring to if you were looking for a pro-Russian supporter, I can't help but ask the following question. How many of those who were so quick to put the French flag on their profiles in the social networks in the wake of the terror attacks there, have now done the same with the Russian flag? Hell, how many even paid attention to what happened in St.Petersburg the other day?

No European landmarks were illuminated for the St Petersburg victims

Hypocrisy and double standard much?...
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Last time this was mentioned more than 3 years ago. And now it's becoming even more topical. I'm talking about the new gas (and possibly also oil) discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean, which could explain a lot about the ongoing geopolitical shifts in that region. ...
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Donald Trump says Germany owes US and Nato 'vast sums of money' for defence

What a pile of utter bullshit. Especially given the fact that 90% of all NATO actions in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world have been in direct defense of US interests (oil, gas, gold, trade routes and markets, disobedient foreign leaders, etc etc). So who owes what to whom, actually?...
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As I wrote a while ago, Finland has started a bold experiment: they'll be granting 2000 random unemployed Finnish people with a guaranteed minimum income until the end of 2018 (the monthly amount has been set at 560 euro now). So what are the results as of today, a couple months later? Let's see.

The experiment...
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After the terrible events #lastnightinSweden, IKEA have sold out of this:

As for the terrible event in Sweden?...
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